American clean air and heating

6 Tips to Improve Air and Heating Efficiency

It’s truly a wonderful feeling to have a warm home on a cold day or a cooler room in the winter months. You can run your HVAC system all day when necessary. However, if the system isn’t running efficiently, operating it can kick the energy bills through the roof. Here are some tips from our…

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central air and heat in Hollywood,

Is There a Connection Between Central Air and Heat and High Energy Bills?

Sadly, there’s a connection between your central air and heat in Hollywood and your extremely scary energy bills. Typically, the HVAC system doesn’t send you reeling, unless you’re powering your home and your neighbor’s. Your energy bills should not be frightening. However, if the energy bills are causing your depression, it’s probably time to call…

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Hollywood Heating and Air

Should I Repair or Replace My Heating and Air System?

It’s a common question. Before you can decide whether to repair or replace your heating and air system in Hollywood, you need to weigh different factors to make a decision. But one important factor to consider is the lifespan of your unit. The US Environmental Agency stated that an AC can last up to 20…

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Central Air and Heat in Hollywood

Did You Fail to Change the Filter of Your HVAC?

If you did, then don’t be surprised if the system encounters serious issues. Keep in mind that central air and heat in Hollywood have filters. But the filters tend to accumulate dust. That’s why it’s vital to clean or change them regularly. Failure to do so will lead to higher energy bills and serious maintenance…

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ac installer Hollywood

What Does AC Installation Include?

If it’s time for you to replace your aged air conditioning, you should call our AC installer in Hollywood first. Our specialists can help you pick the right type of AC based on your existing duct system, the area where you want to install it, and several other factors.  What Does AC Installation Include?  An…

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air conditioning Hollywood

Are Air Conditioning Units Covered by Insurance?

Air conditioning in Hollywood is no longer a luxury. It’s an appliance that will help you feel comfortable while it’s sweltering outside. Nowadays, with climate change, it’s no longer enough to have an electric fan in your house. Having air conditioning is the most ideal solution to stay comfortable while in your Hollywood home. But…

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Central Air and Heat in Hollywood

How Much is Central Air and Heat Installation?

Installing central air and heat in Hollywood can have many benefits. But can it get expensive? Let’s find out the cost of its installation and ways to help you save money. What is the Installation Cost of Central Air and Heat in Hollywood? The average cost of installing central air and heat can range from…

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American Clean Air and Heating

Ways to Know if the Heating Element in Central Air and Heat is Bad

When the season is getting colder each day, you will be firing up your central air and heat regularly. But your heat pump must be working properly in this season to keep you and your family comfortable during winter. American Clean Air and Heating can fix it if necessary. But does your central air and…

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ac installer in Hollywood

Understanding the Odors Coming Out of Your AC

Hiring an AC installer in Hollywood will ensure that your air conditioning unit will be installed properly. However, we recommend that you have it checked and maintained regularly. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that the AC will operate efficiently. It will also prevent the AC from giving off a strange odor.  AC Installer in…

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AC installer Hollywood

Picking the Most Efficient Air Conditioners in Hollywood

Consulting our AC installer Hollywood trusts can help you find the most efficient air conditioners for your house. Keep in mind that there are several factors to consider to determine how efficient an air conditioner is. However, the most efficient AC has at least 20 SEER. But the rating can go up every year.  AC Installer…

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